Swiss Digital Skills Academy

a swissuniversties initiative promoting open educational resources and platforms

About the Academy

Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Open Educational Platforms (OEPs) are playing a key role in strengthening digitalization in higher education. Thanks to the Swiss Digital Skills Academy, instructors can develop their skills to leverage on digital solutions in their educational contexts and practices.

With the cofounding of swissuniversities, the projects targets the development of digital skills associated with the conception, the creation, and the implementation of OERs and OEPs, as well as the actual development of such open resources and their deployment in shared learning modules.

The proposed learning modules focus on delivering methodologies and sharing practices. Digital skills learning modules for instructors are co-designed and federated between Swiss academic institutions and rely on shared open, i.e. freely accessible, resources and platforms. The instructors are trained the way and with the resources and platforms they should integrate in their own teaching practices.